Tuesday, July 7, 2009

feeling "cool" that I blog

Hahaha! My degree in Business and IT definitely does not serve me in trying my hand at this blogging thing. Yep, the rest of the world have been at it for 5 years now and my post is littered with errors, too evident in my first post! Anyway, I hope you understand my so-called predicament and bear with me for a bit (it may last quite a few more posts to be honest!) and read the message for what it is. The little boy, Ra is really such an amazing inspiration. Meeting him really put me back on track. And I hope you will hear him and other children suffering from stigamatism from situations they have not put themselves into. Is it just a cliche beauty queen thing to wish for the infamous "WORLD PEACE"? If it is, cliches are fine by me and that doesn't mean that everyone, beauty queen or what have yous, should not do our little bit to help, cause it DOES make a difference. So, let's do it together! :)