Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Forth with Gusto

Just last night, something in my head went "ding!" with a social enterprise idea that will allow me to contribute towards community development, practise creative styling, and also let me call my home decor blog reading addiction "work research".

24 hours later, I realised quite a few brands are already doing exactly that! I find this being one of the most outstanding.


Ok, I am exaggerating that it is exactly the same but for a long moment there, I was all discouraged, and that “ding!” became an unenthusiastic “It’s not such a bright idea after all”.

Channeling negative thoughts to positive energy, I will continue to research (ahem) and find my own style and way to make this idea a reality. In fact, this company is a good reference source and I can learn much from it. Most importantly, I must pray for the right way to go.

It's the journey that truly counts, right?

share a little, or a lot! x

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