Friday, September 10, 2010

The Big Boys' Little Steps

I love doing my H&M runs whenever travelling to a city with the grab-all-you-can-and-still-be-happy-at-the-cashier-counter store. So my previous post got me thinking how H&M fare in ethical marketing.

A quick check on the labels of the pieces I have doesn't indicate much about fair trade, my expected guilty jolt rushed in. So another quick (Yes, I am compulsive and impatient) search shows that H&M, like most other big brands, has been accused of being unethical. When the voice is loud enough, even the big boys gotta budge. So, whether it be just a PR gimmick or not it's good to find this.

Read more about H&M little steps here or here.

I couldn't wait to shop this collection but now, I wonder if this much-awaited collaboration with Lanvin will have sustainability, not the profit margin kind, in mind.

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