Saturday, September 11, 2010

CSR: Even If It's Just an Act

Haha! Do I sound skeptical or do I sound skeptical? Don't get me wrong, I am all for corporate social responsibility (CSR), no matter the sincerity. In the fashion industry, we have seen an increasing number of brands adding a line or two of ethical products into their collection. The term "ethical" usually includes initiatives like sourcing for organic fabric and/or natural dyes, recycling materials from unsold clothes, to making a deeper commitment against the much-dreaded monster of sweatshops.

These CSR efforts have been criticised endlessly as plain being a marketing tool. I admit I am one of "those people" too. But to put it in a positive light, it is a good start. These efforts are the fruits of persistent protests by many consumer groups who care about the environment and human rights. Kudos! And I believe there are brighter days to come.

This trend of ethical shopping is slowly seeping into Asian cities. Hurray! Allow me a disclaimer here: It's not that I don't buy anything thats not Fairtrade tagged or clothes made in countries that are the usual suspects of obscenely low wages. In fact, I'm as guilty as literally the girl next door. Back to the gist, ethical shopping, or more precisely, ethical stocking by fashion brands is a cause to celebrate.

Gap's Product (RED) campaign
Yes, the Gaps and Uniqlos can do more! But  the retailers have somewhat started, so maybe we can look closer to home, at ourselves? We as consumers, can make the effort to look out for better value, not just for our pockets, but also for the wellbeing of our earth and fellow human when we shop. That, is a change we can make sincerely.

May 2010 may be yonks ago in fashion terms but ethical shopping is an all-season trend.

Presenting Vogue Paris May 2010's triple cover.

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Ethel said...

well said Zen...:) the true "Miss Malaysia" spirit is back to grace the blogosphere. Btw, i agree, CSR is IN and eco products are becoming part of our lifestyle. Keeping my hopes high for this multinational companies ... the room is soooo big for them now ...