Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eco-Friendly Auralis The Champ at New York Fashion Week

It's a wrap at the 2010's New York Fashion Week! The official hoo haa was Tom Ford's namesake debut women's collection, with Beyoncé, Julianne Moore, Rinko Kikuchi (of Babel fame) and the classic Lauren Hutton strutting the catwalk. Not one photo of the collection or show has been released to supposedly avoid counterfeit but I think it's more likely to further pump up the hype.

For me, the biggest news was what spun out of The GreenShows, a three-day-event dedicated to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion during New York Fashion Week. Having been horrifically stunned by too many avant garde projects of unwearable recycled plastic bottle dresses and red plastic bag shirts, I'm too excited to share the work of Auralis Herrero under her label, Auralis.

Auralis Spring 2011
Photos from Ecouterre

How gorgeous is that fluid yellow dress? A beautiful collection with eco and cultural sustainablity in mind. The fabrics used are fair-trade, organic, sustainable, recycled or natural like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. The whole process leaves minimal environmental footprint and helps create a new market for her native Puerto Rican straw weaving artisans whose crafts are on the brink of disappearing.

"By bringing it back to mainstream, you really help to rescue the craft," Auralis was quoted as saying in the NY Daily News

There's another great story behind all this. This 28-year-old had planned to showcase her designs at the next fashion week but was unexpectedly invited for 2010's show. With funds sorely lacking and less than one month to get her collection runway ready, she embarked on an adventure to make the impossible possible. She quickly launched a Kickstarter site and raised funds online to meet the super tight deadline (and bills!).

No guts, no glory. 109% funded and we have the pleasure of viewing this beautifully ethical line.

I'm really looking forward to Asia based designers coming up with sustainable fashion too. Again, if you have some hidden gems to share, please post it in the comment box. Meanwhile, view more of Auralis current collection at Auralis.

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