Monday, September 27, 2010

Edun & LV: If You Need Another LV

With throngs of LVs in all shapes and sizes on the street, maybe people will stop to think "Hey, I don't need to join the mass fashion show." But I will be realistic. LV sales will continue to shoot off the roof and so if your LV collection has to be expanded, consider this Keepall, a collaboration with Edun, U2's Bono and his wife Ali Hewson's fashion line created to encourage trade with Africa.

Fair trade bone charm handcrafted in Kenya (sold separately)

Sale proceeds of the Louis Vuitton/Edun Monogram Revelation will go to Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda. Don't ask me why the charms are made in Kenya but the proceeds mainly go to Uganda. I deduce that the Kenyan charm makers are benefitting through production of the charms. So long it helps someone in need, it's good help.  

Looks like Edun has been in the line of fire lately, especially within the strictly ethical/eco circles. What with the big fanfare of promoting aide via trade to Africa when it was launched in 2005, now more than half of Edun's latest collection is manufactured outside of Africa. Hence the accusation of Edun contradicting on its core mission, at least at first glance. However, Edun's sales have been plummeting and if not for Mr and Mrs Bono's personal financial statements, I think it would've been long gone and left a discouraging vibe for others struggling to create their own ethical brand.

LV Edun Ad campaign
Whether Edun is selling itself out (no pun intended to the fact that LVMH has bought a chunk of Edun's stakes) or not, it has successfully cast the limelight on aide awareness and ways to contribute. And it did put its neck out there and tried fully manufacturing in Africa but it just did not meet the standards of consumers to sustain. Not yet.

Putting the message out there is the first step for change. Bono and Ali Hewson have been great advocates so let's cut Edun some slack.

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