Monday, September 13, 2010

Memory Jogging Stools

My home decor blog lust started with the very pretty and too sweet Decor8. It is bursting with ideas and I especially love finding little known furniture makers there. These furniture makers normally source from sustainable local materials and I am inspired by the awesome Wood &Wool Stool from the Netherlands.

Awesome because at first glance, the used look and paintwork of the wood totally reminded me of old-school wooden crates for soft drink glass bottles. Images of breaking those crates and banging a nail haphazardly to form a stool came to mind. These stools have the wonder of bringing me back in time. The colourful crochet reminded me of a water tumbler holder my mom made for me. I so wish I still had it.

It must be the whole going back in time, they also strangely jogged my memory to this!

Does anyone else remember or even know of this piece of babychair/kids rocking ship/bus/house or anything a toddler can think of? Boy, my cousins and I sure had lots of fun out of this humble bamboo piece.

As for these lovelies, I was taken aback to know they go for no less than €65 a pop!

via decor8

They are made of recycled wood and each crochet cover is handmade by the lady who started the business. I will probably hurt myself attempting to make one of these before forking out €65. Then again, considering how much sweet memories they brought about, I might just change my mind.

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