Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuning Home

What's in the box?

Yesterday, I heard a fairy tale-like story. It goes like this:

                 There lives a renowned Indonesian designer who was enjoying a comfortable life in the city. One day, he visited his village Temanggung in Central Java and was very saddened to see only old women and children. The men have all left for bigger towns to make a living. There simply were no means of survival in the dilapidated place he used to call home. So he gave up creature comfort and courageously relocated back to the village to start a resuscitation project and it birthed this!


These multi award-winning modern retro radios have spawned a massive cult following and completely turned around the fate of Temanggung. Retailing at US$200-250, these style-in-a-box are handcrafted almost completely with wood and all wood used are sourced in the village or nearby. Sensitive of his 40 persons factory's use of wood, the designer is passionate about replanting each tree and more. A tree nursry is part of the Magno project.

School children help plant some of the trees to nurture eco awareness.

The locals stand proud of the positive changes they've achieved.
Photos from Wooden Radio

Profits are channeled back to the village for the tree nursery, training and other benefits for Temanggung. The demography is also more balanced now with the men returning. Short of calling itself a social enterprise, this eco-friendly project has revived the spirits of the people. Knowing that they are taking steps to make life better for themselves and the next generations has given the people the priceless gifts of positivity, confidence and hope.


The heroic story of Singgih S. Kartono sounds too happily-ever-after? I'm positive there will be many more groundbreaking chapters in the life of this man who decided to tune his talent, guts and heart to home.

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My Owl Barn said...

This guy is amazing! He changed his life to change many lives. Thank you for sharing this inspirational real life story.

Zen said...

Yeah, his dedication is amazing, right? His faith to take the plunge is so cool!