Thursday, September 2, 2010

Win Win and Win

Designers, artisans, humankind, unite.

I am excited to share about INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network and its work.

Quoting from its website: "While the notion of indigenous and local design is hard to define, the network seeks to further explore its meaning and interpretation throughout the world. Through its participants and projects, INDIGO aims to discover what makes design distinctive to its home and what connects it to the place where it is made and the people for whom it is made."

 Some products from its bamboo project

Co-ops like these create employment opportunities in the hope of changing the community not just economically but also culturally.

Fuelling innovation whilst sustaining traditional artisan skills- definitely a win win for all. And in the bigger picture, there is another victory for all of us, artisans, designer or not as NGOs like Indigo and its partners strive to up a notch in sustainable living.

 share a little, or a lot! x

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