Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eco Old School Cards

Even with the convenience and much more eco-friendly e-cards, sometimes it's just too hard to resist the charm of good ol' cards for that special occasion, be it for our better half's birthday, a wedding invite or simply to send our warmest love on Christmas. There's something about writing a message by hand, which I usually have to redo a few times no thanks to my kindee looking handwriting, and tugging the card into a coloured envelope to differentiate from dowdy white envelopes usually containing credit card bills or other dreary news of the sort. I suppose it also has to do with the more intimate feeling invoked by an old school card.

Paperless Post is a recent find for me. It's an e-card service that offers a range of realistic looking cards and patterned lined envelopes, complete with recipient database management. Different from the 2 dimensional graphic designs, Papaerless Post choices give the recipient a more real experience of receiving a card, the way we remember it. Of course, if you were born post-ICQ days then that's a different story.

Anyways, have a look at these designs and you may just wanna try this out instead of an awkward cartoon animated e-card or a tangible one for your next party, holiday cheers and the lot.

Best celebrated with loved one...

Getting married soon?

It's a boy!


Birthdays and birthday suits

Just a note to say...

Random classy black and white fun

As you can tell I raided Paperless Post a little too much but it's still a tad too early for this last-minute gal to be sending Christmas cards. (I'm especially fond of the black and whites.) I will practically be MIA from this blog for a few weeks as I finally go on my honeymoon (HURRAY!!). I hope you like the card designs and maybe prod around the site to find something you like.

Will miss this while I'm away. Many love and blessings.

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Hooked on Sereni & Shentel

I know I just posted on Sereni & Shentel's limited edition handmade headband in support of breast cancer awareness but I'm telling ya I do not have stakes in Sereni & Shentel but like many of their fans, I'm enamoured by the creators, Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee's infectious energy just by looking at their work and their choice of wild names christened for every headband. And of course because they are made in Malaysia and so am I! Here are some pix from their lookbook and website, starting with the creative mamas wearing headbands with my fave name, Mafia Mama.

OK, I lie. My fave is actually the recently tamed Bow Down, B#*^!es. Got your attention yet? Sure did mine! It may be a more demure name dropping the noun but this hot crown still sends a gal (or guy) on an imaginary ego trip.

Sereni and Shentel spared a few moments for a couple of questions from Zen's Bohemia and here's why my love grows.

Zen: This may be obvious but from the designers themselves, why handmade only for Sereni & Shentel over mass production?
S&S: Each piece is precious to us and we make sure that we make them with the best care possible. It's difficult to do that if they were mass produced. So for us, it's all about quality control and attention to detail. Plus being handmade, each piece is unique and not a cookie cutter version of each other. They really are our babies!

Depending on the design, each headband takes 30 to 60 minutes to make. Since they are all handmade, we conserve electricity from not using a lot of machinery to produce them. The designs we have are also versatile as they can be dressed up or down depending on where you're planning to go. That's the great thing about accessories, they can be used to change the look of any outfit without having to shop for a whole new wardrobe.

Zen: Any plans to create a design using eco materials?
S&S: Yes eventually we would love to produce an eco friendly range. Sereni is a big promoter of being green with her day job being managing an eco friendly neighbourhood mall.
Zen: Woohoo...

Here are my many silly faces going through interrogation by my hen night troopers, wearing Kiss Me Please, Bride To Be in black. The best accessory for any bachelorette partay!

From the subtle and sweet...

... to the bright and fun. You can even custom your Sereni & Shentel with the stone and ribbon colours of your choice with Custom Blair.

Accessories that make a whole look shine have officially expanded beyond shoes and bags, rings and necklaces. Find you Sereni & Shentel here and rock it your way.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zip Me Up, Zip Me Down in JUJUBE Eco Design

Following a few months of delving into this whole new world of sustainable living especially in the area of fashion, I'm starting to believe that many designers and fashion labels that claim to be eco and/or ethical start off with genuine intentions but getting the task done all the way plainly is a HUGE challenge.

I say this because I think of sourcing for organic fabric. Wouldn't that fabric need to be flown (carbon emission alert!) in? What about commissioning less privileged artisans to hand make gorgeous hats? But can I make frequent enough trips to the little town to ensure it is honest to goodness fair trade (and again, the freight nightmare)? Let's not go into dyes, finishing chemicals, packaging, I can reel off to blah blah blah...

So instead of being a skeptical bystander hurling criticism in my head (bits of sense stopped me from opening my big mouth) I now applaud designers who bring us beautiful wearable sustainable fashion. Although there likely are loopy holes to call it totally sustainable, what goes onto the (ahem, not all) racks are blood and sweat on not just design but also God knows how many hours of research on and search for ethical manufacturing, getting the right certifications, personal visits and ultimately going that extra ten thousand miles just to be so.

So, I can't wait to tell you about JUJUBE by Jujube Li that was the Singapore entry at the Eco Chic Asia show I blogged about awhile ago. Her range is not only made of 100% certified eco textile, it brings mix and match to a different level. A usually one piece item can be transformed with a quick zip. I tried this combo...

... which is made up of a lemon yellow ruched sweetheart tube top zipped with a grey long skirt. An odd idea? Let me try to illustrate with more pix from JUJUBE's website.

Choose this top...

... zipped with this skirt...

to get this.

Or the same top, with this skirt...

... to get this.

The first grey and white skirt, with a different top.

Other combos:

This zipping concept is JUJUBE's very own patented G.R.O.W. Modulated Clothing Design SystemTM that minimises raw material consumption, reduces wardrobe usage and the biggest plus: increases the value of each purchase simply by zipping modular parts together to create whole dresses. It's getting 4 dresses out of 2 and it gets better with more JUJUBE pieces.

From its just-released Bird of Paradise range:

The zipping modulars work for tops too.

Price ranging from S$149 for a dress, JUJUBE is available online and in these stores in Singapore.

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