Friday, October 1, 2010

The Chair's New Clothes

Hold it! Before you toss that old faithful chair into the junk pile, how about giving it a new lease of life by reupholstering? Check out these cool styles and pick one for your chair, sofa, couch, etc.

Mid century + vibrant prints. Ooh... I'm in love!

Need some inspiration from home decor haven Anthropologie? Folding chairs take on bohemian chic.

Ikat oh ikat, why do you tease me? Burns a hole in my pocket to get the right ikat fabric in Malaysia and Singapore. Still scouring...

John Robshaw makes me green with envy again.

Up for DIY? This new seat is actually made up of ribbons sewn together. Patience is a virtue.

Take me to Beirut to meet the ladies behind Bokja! They stitch up the loveliest of the old with the new while preserving precious skills of local artisans.
If neutral tones are more your thing, maybe this is too much too soon for a beloved cream armchair. Check back soon to read about keeping that shade of tan whilst upping the ante of recycling. For now, these colours put me in a good mood. I hope it does the trick for you too. Happy Friday and have a colourful weekend!

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