Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Junk The Bridemaid's Dress

I didn't think that choosing a dress for 5 of my lovely bridesmaids could be a much bigger task than finding my white gown for my June wedding.

Don't get me wrong, these best gal pals are gorgeous and not fussy at all. In other words, a dream to dress. The problem really was my insistence on picking something that they would all like and not throw away as soon as the da da da dum church wedding was over. I didn't want to make them wear something I wouldn't wear (I imagine made of the tackiest shiny polyester "satin". Gulp!) just because the bridezilla said so. After much coordination to agree on the design and colour, this is what they wore preceeding the bride on the aisle...

Strange what a few months stuck to the Net can do, I was quite clueless about sustainable living before my wedding. Otherwise, the quest for the right dress might've been an even bigger challenge. If you're a bride-to-be, here are a few easy to adapt earth-happy suggestions:

Colour theme is big for most brides so ask your bridesmaids to get a simple dress of their choice (tube is popular if you wanna get it for them) and get sash belts ala Livia Firth made in your wedding theme colour(s). That way, they can have a dress they can wear again and the bridey gets her wedding colour.

Convertible Dresses
Your bridesmaids can knot and tie themselves new dresses after the wedding.
Many labels offer convertible dresses or similar designs. Here are a few you might like:

 Reverse this double sided dress to take it from day (for the church maybe?) to night (Party baby, let's celebrate LOVE!) 
Support small Esty biz Isadora Clothing

Canadian made Henkaa

There are eco fabric options as well.

Custom Made
The Malaysian desginer who made my wedding gown, Melinda Looi is quite the eco chick. Although it's virtually impossible sourcing for earth-friendly fabrics for her luscious designs, she is open to taking up the challenge so look her up if you're interested in eco couture.

There are plenty more ideas if you look around. Check out e-mag Eco Beautiful Weddings or poke around my bridesmaid (she was ill so we missed her at the wedding) Steph's Wedding Guide Asia.

Eco Beautiful Wedding
A wedding is once a lifetime but that's no excuse to create more waste especially when it involves putting your nearest and dearest girlfriends' style at stake. Just keep in mind the simple idea of a dress that lasts more than one wear to sustain friendships and the earth!

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