Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eco Old School Cards

Even with the convenience and much more eco-friendly e-cards, sometimes it's just too hard to resist the charm of good ol' cards for that special occasion, be it for our better half's birthday, a wedding invite or simply to send our warmest love on Christmas. There's something about writing a message by hand, which I usually have to redo a few times no thanks to my kindee looking handwriting, and tugging the card into a coloured envelope to differentiate from dowdy white envelopes usually containing credit card bills or other dreary news of the sort. I suppose it also has to do with the more intimate feeling invoked by an old school card.

Paperless Post is a recent find for me. It's an e-card service that offers a range of realistic looking cards and patterned lined envelopes, complete with recipient database management. Different from the 2 dimensional graphic designs, Papaerless Post choices give the recipient a more real experience of receiving a card, the way we remember it. Of course, if you were born post-ICQ days then that's a different story.

Anyways, have a look at these designs and you may just wanna try this out instead of an awkward cartoon animated e-card or a tangible one for your next party, holiday cheers and the lot.

Best celebrated with loved one...

Getting married soon?

It's a boy!


Birthdays and birthday suits

Just a note to say...

Random classy black and white fun

As you can tell I raided Paperless Post a little too much but it's still a tad too early for this last-minute gal to be sending Christmas cards. (I'm especially fond of the black and whites.) I will practically be MIA from this blog for a few weeks as I finally go on my honeymoon (HURRAY!!). I hope you like the card designs and maybe prod around the site to find something you like.

Will miss this while I'm away. Many love and blessings.

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