Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heading to Pink

Statistics are dry and we never think that we could ever be a part of it but with 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer and men not entirely immune, c'mon, we really are not invincible. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month to remind us the importance of early detection. When breast cancer is detected early, the survival rate is increased tremendously.

Borneo-based Sereni & Shentel, the sassiest hair accessories label (in my opinion!) is doing its bid to raise awareness for breast cancer and funds for their local support group by releasing a limited edition pink range.

Blair in baby pink US$35

Block Party in baby pink US$15
Sereni & Shentel hair accessories are preciously handmade with utmost attention to details. I call its designs "girly sleek" (S&S makes this combo possible!) and these pink ribbon accessories are no exception. In fact, they are handmade by the ladies behind the namesake brand with extra big love as 50% of proceeds from these 2 models will be donated to Sarawak Breast Cancer Support Group (SBCSG).

Amongst other care and support activities, this NGO provides a helpline and resources especially to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. It also provides an avenue for face-to-face support and counseling from fellow "sisters". Getting from one point to another can be a big hurdle in spread out Borneo so transport is organised where possible for visits and treatments.

Blair in passion fruit US$35
Being ex-city girls, Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee were sad to see how in more rural areas support groups run with extremely limited resources and hope that this effort can make a difference. Their passion doesn't stop there. Sereni, one half of this wonder duo shares, "It's important to tie what we love doing with charitable organisations. It's all about spreading the S&S love, it's cool to wear your heart on your head." Watch out for their next CSR (corporate social responsibility) project launching very soon.

This year, instead of pinning a pink ribbon on your shirt, get your hands on one of these conversational Sereni & Shentel pieces available in Singapore, Malaysia and online!

To the men, if you're reading this, please don't be shy to tell your loved ones. Early detection saves lives:
share a little, or a lot! x


amber said...

did you buy any of these headbands?they look nice but pretty exp..

Zen said...

Hi Amber, I'm travelling so will place orders when I get home. I've a Sereni & Shentel in a different model and can confidently say you won't regret getting this. I agree with you it's on the pricier side for a hairband but it is handmade (no mass producing savings for S&S) and I think of it as half the price since the other goes towards the NGO. :)