Monday, October 4, 2010

Today is World Habitat Day

How does a roof over a child's head affect his or her future? Did you know that children of homeowners are more likely to stay in school and daughters of homeowners are less likely to have children by age 18? Owning a home leads to a higher-quality home environment, improved test scores in children and reduced behavioural problems? Children who live in poor housing have lower educational attainment and a greater likelihood of being impoverished and unemployed as adults. These facts do not even include the health impacts a basic, clean and functional house have over the life of a child.

What is World Habitat Day?
World Habitat Day is a day for grassroots action, a time for people to unite against substandard housing worldwide.

Monday, Oct. 4, 2010. The first Monday in October was designated World Habitat Day by the U.N. General Assembly in 1985.

Families face a daily struggle for mere survival. Substandard dwellings leave people vulnerable to disease, crime, malnutrition and natural disasters. World Habitat Day calls attention to the tremendous need for decent, affordable housing all over the world. It recognizes the basic need all human beings have for adequate shelter.

How many?
One billion people, one-sixth of the world’s population, live in deplorable conditions in dilapidated slums and shantytowns. By 2030, that number is expected to rise to 2 billion.

We, that's me and you. World Habitat Day reminds people everywhere of our collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat. We can help by speaking up about it and by being a volunteer or giving a donation.

Join with Habitat for Humanity on World Habitat Day. Find your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate and get involved. Speak, raise awareness about the need for decent housing, and support the goal of eliminating poverty housing worldwide.

From my work in World Vision, I noticed that many people were interested in volunteer trips in other countries. If you're up for a Habitat volunteer trip, check out this video:

Note: Text is adapted from Habitat for Humanity resources.

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