Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zhai Bamboo Basics

While eco fashionistas in America, Australia and Europe have a solid list of sustainable fashion brands to pick from, it is a bolt from the blue to find Asian eco clothing. Since starting this blog, my radar has been on high and managed to bump into a few in Singapore. We know eco shopping is not usually as kind to our wallets as they may be to mother earth, but we might have just spotted a winner in Zhai, a local brand specializing in clothing made from 100 % organically grown bamboo fiber.
Besides being an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible choice of fabric (bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plant on earth), there is much talk that bamboo fabric feels like a cross between cashmere (ooh...) and silk (aah...) so I went to try it out personally!

Soft, comfy and snug camisole and long wrap from Zhai. Wearing my favourite will-never-throw-away Levi's. A good look for a casual dinner with friends, don't you think?
Reasonably priced between S$35-S$99 , it is part of Zhai's initiative to introduce eco-friendly clothing to shoppers in Singapore and possibly in the region, including Malaysia soon. According to co-founder Kim Rose Allen "...Some customers might wish to try a “green” product but simply cannot afford and justify paying 3 times the price. We made a conscious effort to sell our clothing line at reasonable prices so that the customer can make a small step towards a more sustainable future as well as monitoring their financial limitations without compromising on style, quality and affordability."
The fabric is moisture absorbent, hypoallergenic and soft, perfect for sweating it out at the gym or yoga studio.  This tank top comes in duets that can be worn separately. Love the racerback cut! Paired here with leggings. Too bad that perfect grey doesn't show in the photo.

 This asymmetric black dress hugs at all the right places for a night out! It's especially good for travels because bamboo doesn't crease easily.
Zhai carries basics that can be integrated into any wardrobe for easy mixing and matching. Watch out for new collections launched every quarter. There are also plans for a men’s wear line and handbags made from recycled materials.

If you were wondering if pandas are being robbed of their food source, the types of bamboo used for making fabric are not those consumed by pandas. Still, we should ask the right questions because not all clothing made of bamboo holds social and enviromental values.  

Zhai premier shop is at Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk. Happy green shopping!

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Shaline said...

this is so cool babe, love the blog!! am definitely going to check out this store when i'm in spore next!

Zen said...

Thanks, Shaline. Lemme search out HK too or lemme know if you see anything eco or ethically produced in HK. :)

Pamela S said...

Love the selection, especially the cardi. Didn't see it last time was at Parco (the place is a mess!) but will definitely check it out again!