Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kayu Good Gifts

We're all guilty of committing the Christmas shopping crime sometimes. That is to be distracted by all the pretty things for ourselves instead of checking the almost endless gift list for our loved ones. Well, if you're feeling a little guilty about bursting your budget and yet still haven't found the perfect gift for that special gal, a classy Kayu clutch may just be your guilt-free solution.
My absolute fave Jen clutch made of straw with a turquoise clasp. Lovely palette good for day or night. Perfect arm candy at a beach lounge.

See Jacquetta Wheeler rock the Denise clutch at London Fashion Week!
Not just beautiful and versatile, this stylish selection will take you right up there on Santa's Good List. “Each bag is handcrafted by women’s cooperatives in Asia using traditional techniques, and are made out of sustainably sourced straw and shell.” quotes San Francisco based Jamie Lim, CEO of Kayu. The brand name which means "wood" in Malay, reflects Jamie's love for the outdoors and nature and also her childhood years spent in different parts of Asia, including Malaysia.

The cycle of a Kayu product is just so inspiring. Being made of eco-friendly material and helping the poor by providing a source of income for the women artisans are not enough for this socially responsible label. To stretch the sustainability cycle wider, for every Kayu handbag purchased, Kayu donates one backpack and school supplies to a child in Cambodia.

If a clutch is not quite the perfect gift for your gal pal, Kayu also offers a selected range of handcrafted sunglasses made of bamboo.
In fact, the shades were Kayu's initial launch product and were featured in US Vogue, In Style and Elle. What a feat for a new brand and deservingly so. These sunglasses give back by funding one sight-restoring surgery for every pair sold. Kayu's goodness and coolness just doesn't stop. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that it was showcased at London Fashion Week this year?
Jamie shares that their next handbag collection will feature sterling silver clutches and I can't wait to see them! Kayu is available in selected retailers across the USA, Europe, Brazil and Australia. Not yet in Asia but you can ring up the brownie points at its online store that ships internationally.

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