Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Place in Cape Town

Having my honeymoon a few months after the wedding gave me many days to scour Trip Advisor and writing enquiry emails to explore desert dune camping and a cheetah sanctuary in Namibia, Mnemba in Tanzania and other African gems. My husband and I tried avoiding the obvious choice of Cape Town thinking it must be awfully touristy. We gave in eventually and aren't we glad for the many friends who protested "Oh, you MUST GO!"

To start, let's talk about this quaint owner-run guesthouse we stayed in called Blackheath Lodge.
With co-owner Antony
Delight awaits pass this door

Wall decor on the left made from repurposed telephone cables. "Hunting trophy" made from clay.

Originally built in 1890, the house was refurbished and redecorated by Antony and his biz partner. Eclectic and personal, it felt like living in a house torn off the pages of Elle Decor. Not much of a morning person but I was rise and shine, happy and hungry for their breakfast savoured on the sunny terrace.

Fruit crumble was crunchy yummylicious goodness

Like Singita posted previously, Blackheath Lodge has a nice programme for the wellbeing of its family of staff. Their children are aided by way of school fees, uniforms, stationary, application assistance and other necessary areas to ensure that they get a solid education. Siba (11 years old), Yidwa (6), Yolanda (14), Aden (6), Tanya (21) are able to attend better schools in the city with this support.
The children's achievements are the pride and joy of Blackheath

Guests can chip in as well. Antony shared, "The Blackheath Lodge Education Fund started as a result of a real need to improve the standard of education for children in South Africa. We, at Blackheath Lodge started back in 2006 on a small scale and now through very generous support we now fully fund all our staff's children’s education. "
Local crafts
An insightful coffee table book at the hotel about the way of life in South Africa seen through recipes.

Sunset view on our walk to dinner nearby
Tips are shared equally among staff which is by far the fairest system since people working behind-the-scenes play as big a role to make a comfortable stay. Try to ask for this arrangement on your next hotel stay if it is a smaller, more flexible establishment.

This post is loaded with pix already so will keep the rest of my Cape Town adventure for the next. Having acquired a fondness for the local tea, Blackheath Lodge is just my cup of rooibos tea for a memorable stay.

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